Branding & Lifestyle Photography that Makes Your Audience Trust You

Running a business is hard. You want to establish a feeling of trust between you and your audience so that you know they’ll choose you over your competition.

Branding & lifestyle photography portrays you in action. It showcases you doing your thing so that your audience can see how you work and what you’re all about. Most importantly, it helps establish trust. If you are a dietitian and you run a health coaching business, branding & lifestyle photography may showcase you having a one-on-one session with your client, prepping your meals, or your fitness routine. If you are an artist, branding & lifestyle photography may showcase you painting on canvas, preparing your studio space, or teaching an art class.

You want beautiful branding & lifestyle photos, but you don’t feel comfortable in front of the camera and have no idea how other people manage to look so cute and natural in their photos.

These people look cute and natural in front of the camera because of the photographer. I will direct you with posing and where to stand. I will fix your hair and adjust your necklace if it’s out of place. I will create the composition so that your photos look great. You don’t have to worry about any of this during your shoot. Leave it to the professional.

Branding & lifestyle sessions start at $450. If your business has more than one employee, please message me, as rates are different from below.

Need some examples? Here’s my portfolio of past clients who are just like you.

Natasha G.

Natasha Wellness

Kayla t.

Comic Book Artist and Illustrator

Charleston Foodies on a budget

Food Bloggers

Kara Hicks

Charleston Real Estate Agent

Erin K.

Nutrition Rewired

enjie M.K.

Aspiring R.D.

Becki Burke

Interior Designer and Independent Marketing Partner for Monat


Video Technology Company