Meet Michelle - Branding & Lifestyle Photographer

Based in Charleston, South Carolina


I feel so loved that you are here!

My name is Michelle Fiorello and I am a professional branding & lifestyle photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina.

Everyone has a story. Mine isn’t your typical creative path.

I was an extremely visual and creative person since day one. I spoke and learned visually in school - which didn’t always work to my advantage.

I excelled in math and science growing up and decided to go to school for civil engineering. During my six years of working full time as a professional engineer, I felt something was missing. Though challenging and rewarding, my day job didn’t provide me with an outlet to express my creativity. I craved more. So I picked up my dusty paint brush and bought my own professional camera. The rest is history.

My mission with Vision Balm is not just to create beautiful images for your brand, but to also ensure that you feel prepared and comfortable for your photo session. The end result will be you receiving images that will help your audience trust you and establish a connection with them.

I know what it’s like to run a business and make a name for yourself. It’s hard work and requires a lot of creativity. But the most important thing is how you visually market yourself and your brand. You need photos that will show your potential clients how great you are and how you are going to solve their problems. That’s where I come in.

Whether you need professional portraits, lifestyle photos for your business, or product photography, I’m here to work my magic and expertise for you.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s help shine a light on how awesome you are. I am excited to work with you!

Professional Branding & Lifestyle Photography Services